Euroz Drops “Two Birds One Stone” Project

Las Vegas rapper Euroz has unleashed a jam-packed new album titled Two Birds One Stone.

Euroz’s LP features 21 tracks with Reezy handling most of the production. Ric & Thaddeus, Tariq Beats, Johnny Stokes and Earl Blank also handle beats on the project.

View the stream, cover art and tracklist for Two Birds One Stone below.

Euroz Drops Two Birds One StoneEuroz Drops Two Birds One Stone

1. Elysium

2. Staying Ready

3. Hidden Truths

4. Zero Dark 30

5. Day to Day (Royals)

6. Anything Goes

7. Behold

8. Dreaming Wide Awake

9. Here On Out

10. Tape Flip

11. Channels

12. Anywhere But Here

13. Need Me Some

14. Chasing Shadows

15. Here For It

16. B.W.Y.A

17. Like It’s Love (Interlude)

18. Slide

19. Catching Up

20. Aura

21. T.F.T.T.I.

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