Rawe Feed Radio

Theres a new sound creeping through the entertainment industry worldwide, This is exactly what the music/entertainment industry has been searching for and hoping to find….Well the search is finally over..what was lost has been finally found..and with all new music with a whole new broadcasts that have been rated R for Rawe. Mike Precise better known as Los Angeles very own White Trash Heart Throb has revolutionized the sound of radio and with a sound this enormous people have been whispering the Radio has never sounded or looked quite like this, Rawe Feed Entertainment presents all new shows with all the trimmings, Mike Precise’s very own reality TV show “The Nice & Precise Show” as well as brand new broadcasts such as Swag Surf Radio, RaweFeed uncensored and RaweTalk Radio that will have all who listen begging for more. Mike Precise has also been nominated for the popular EOTM Award for best new radio show of 2013, domt worry all of the Spin Rich Record family will be making special appearances as well as the popular CruzMatik team from Santa Cruz. Mike Precise has a whole new cast and Co Host which is the popular Shylo Zion from KLAS Fm 89.7 Tru Rootz alongside the crazy and magical “Wizard of the Valley” DTeck …..who brings that special sound and saying tha is known as What the F%#k” Rawe Feed Entertainment and Mike Precise has a little bit of everything but lacks nothing…..If its not Rawe Feed Radio then who’s feeding YOU?

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